K + C

So much thoughtful planning went into this day from Christian. Lots of inoocent lies, location following, nail prep, wigs and hiding behind rocks.

catch a glimpse of christian through this rock. He staged the day as if they were going surfing. My cousin and I were hiding this far away. So afraid she would recognize us.

The moment

funniest part. the whole time we were saying "hes going to get closer right" he was much farther than the "spot" we had designated. He went for it and we RAN to get closer

yes i know, ridiculious the dog, so perfect.

he knew we were there, but scroll for the next shot of when she realizes.

love this look, totally surprised!

Katie really committed by bringing the wig

we then had the sweetest impromptu engagement session.

part 2

The surprise wasn't over though. the four of us went out to lunch while more family and friends were waiting/ preparing a cookout back home.

The sweetest day,

some more of the photo dump.

10/10 recommend hiring a photographer (me, haha) to capture the proposal